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Fascia is a system of tightly woven connective tissue that runs from head to toe, front to back, three-dimensionally, uninterrupted, throughout the entire body. Every muscle, nerve, vein, artery, and organ – like the lungs, heart, brain and spinal cord – are held in place by fascia.

Its job is to provide a sliding and gliding environment for muscles; to suspend organs in their proper place; to transmit movement from muscles to the bones they are attached to; and to provide a supportive and movable wrapping for nerves and blood vessels as they pass through  muscles.

Myofascial Release (MFR) uses stretching, compressions, skin rolling, and many other techniques to facilitate the release of adhesions (restricted fascia). It will help rehydrate and restore the fascial system to a balanced state. The therapist is a facilitator, working interactively with the client to achieve more efficient movement patterns.

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