"As a cyclist, I have very specific needs and areas of concerns that need to be addressed. Lara LISTENED to me and was able to do exactly what I needed her to do on my legs. She knows the body inside and out and just did an outstanding job doing exactly what I needed her to do. She is precise and MFR is intense, just what I needed. Outstanding work!"

 ~ Wendy E.; Corba, North Ranch Mountain Bikers, Endurance rider

    "Lara is amazing!!! I struggle with issues in my hip and upper body and Lara is always able to relieve my areas of dysfunction. She has a great intuition and she has never failed me. I will always go to her first for any bodywork."

~ Gary C.

   "I had a massage from Lara last night and it was by far one of the best I've ever had. Her experience is evident in her technique and incredible knowledge of the body. Even better, she is instinctive about your hot points and managed to hit problem areas for me that have eluded other massage therapists." 

~ Maureen B.

   "I've had massages before, but wow, Lara got out tight knots I didn't even know I had. Lara is the real deal. I'm wishing for weekly massages now. I give Lara my highest recommendation!" 

~ Sonia O.


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Lara is a healer.  Anyone lucky enough to choose to work with her will know what i mean.  Some people are therapists who have technical skill, and Lara is that, but not every therapist is a healer.  A healer is someone for who every case is new and unique in some sense, and the therapist who is such a healer, is there to learn as much as being there to treat MF issues and related issues.  Lara is an open minded learner.  She is highly intelligent, she has a creative instinct, she is a very caring person, she is in this work to enjoy helping people and see them improve, she is patient, in my case, i felt that she adapted to the person i was with my personality needs and speed of healing, because she understands the whole person---she 'gets it.' She works with you patiently.  

I went to her in early 2014 about a year after i retired from my stressful job. During the last couple of years of my job, i had developed a painful localized area on the back of my neck o the left side. i thought it was work related, from sitting at my desk on the phone or typing, because on the weekends it would improve and then come back by the middle of the week. Over time it got worse and got so it never went away ever, it was always there, it hurt a lot to look over my left shoulder when i was changing lanes while driving.  After i retired, i thought the pain would get better, just from the relaxation but it didn't. It was uncomfortable sitting in my reclining chair watching TV or laying on the couch.   

i knew i needed therapy.  My primary doctor referred me to physical therapy, that was in 2013.  The physical "therapy" made the pain so much worse, not just localized but on both sides of my neck and in my shoulders, this was depressing. The PT person didn't tell me that this might happen. i don't know if it was to be expected. i was supposed to have three sessions that week.  I went back for the second one and told them about the pain.  They didn't seem to attach any importance to it or to show any interest, there was no communication. The second treatment made me feel even worse, worse than i ever felt before, nothing like the worrisome occasional pain on the left side of the back of my neck.  This was pervasive, disabling and depressing.  The next week i went for the third session and had a different more experienced therapist. She did not  hurt me and i don't think i was any worse after the therapy. Not any better either.  She communicated well. I thought she was good, but i was burnt out and disillusioned and never went back anymore after that.  

I stumbled on MFR by chance, reading amazon book reviews about a book called  Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine, and one of the commenters on a review said something about MFR treating this kind of thing, if it's the kind of MFR that uses the John Barnes approach. The Tiger book was about trauma, including physical trauma and its emotional aspect being stored in the body, where the psychological side of past trauma can be healed or helped by working on the body, a new idea to me at that time.  So, i got it in my mind that MFR was something i wanted to try, but i checked and found that it's not covered by insurance for the most part, and after i retired i took a 40% pay cut so i was not in a position to jump right into finding a therapist. I did read Yelp reviews about MFR and of all the reviews i read, Lara's stood out for me more than the others, i got a good vibe from what i read, including what she wrote on the page about her practice. 

My neck continued to bother me as the months wore on.  I got a loan on my house and i decided i would use some money from that to pay for MFR, even though i could not afford it. i believe Lara's fees are fair and appropriate, and typical of fees for this kind of thing. Certainly fair for the hard work involved in the treatment, and the level of training and skill.  I started therapy with Lara, she was able to accommodate times that worked for me.  What i found was that Lara works very hard and is intensely focused on the work she is doing at all times, she is attentive and asking for feedback as she goes a long. I soon came to see her as someone who more than earns her fee, and while like everyone else, she needs to earn a living, it doesn't seem that that is forefront in her mind when she's working. she works like an artist, it's a labor of love, and she is highly skilled in MFR techniques while having the flexibility of mind and sensitivity to let the effect on the client be the guide of what to do. She takes a leadership role when teaching me things about why the pain is there and what she suggests i do at home.

Progress with the neck pain was gradual at first, the therapy did not cause more pain like the previous one. after about 3-4 months the pain was completely gone and never came back.  i was healed.  i have other needs for MFR but am realistically not able to afford it. If i was, i would be working with Lara in a heartbeat. ~ Judy W.


Lara is fantastic.  I had been experiencing pain in my left arm for three months, which kept me awake at night, limited my mobility on the left side and impacted my overall sense of strength and flexibility.  I had one session last week, and that night was the first night I slept without pain in my arm in three months.  The next day mobility was returned to my left side, and my overall energy and outlook was greatly improved.  Lara knows her stuff, and being trained in multiple modalities, she was able to "speak my language" about my various physical activities.  She spends a lot of time getting to the root of your problem, conducting a pre-session interview, having you fill out a questionnaire about your situation and then preparing post-session recommendations.  I highly recommend Lara for anyone sick and tired of being in pain and looking for a partner to aid in recovery. ~ Evelyn S.


I'm under 40, but have struggled with pain for almost 20 years.  I've tried everything from Yoga, to acupuncture to physical therapy, TONS of massage work- nothing helped. When my first child was born, I thought I'd get so much worse that it would eventually be unbearable to pick him up. Lara started working with me, and suddenly I am better than I have ever been.  My constant nagging pain and headaches have be alleviated, truly.  She is the most insightful, informed and educated therapist I have come in contact with.  Lara pays distinct attention to my input, and tailors a precise and focused session toward my betterment.  My life is better for having worked with her.  Do yourself a favor and talk to her.... ~ J.J. N.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a "double therapist treatment with Lara, and Colleague Gary". WOW! If you have not experienced this, run don't walk! Its sort of like being balanced BY Yin and Yang itself. They work off of each other without words even, at least none that I heard. As the recipient the tightness, the stuckness felt like it just couldn't hide with two therapists. Gary and Lara just left it no choice but to release under their conscious guidance. I highly recommend this! When I left there I noticed a very big difference! I don't usually write Yelp reviews but there aren't many therapist that do doubles that are also strong and paired together so so well. AMAZING and I hope I can do it again soon! ~ Katrina G.

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After a work injury to my neck devastated my life, I spent almost 9 years afraid I would have to accept the severe daily pain and limitations for good. One day I found Lara and my whole life changed. For the first time in years, someone was able to provide  some relief. Lara spent well over an hour with me never rushing or making me feel like she needed to get to the next client. Overwhelmed by the surprising change in my body and heart, I went home and cried with my husband who had been struggling right along with me all those years.

It's been over a year, and I see Lara frequently for pain management and, thanks to her, education. She has spent countless hours teaching me different techniques and adjustments I can make in my everyday life to ease my pain. She has also provided tools for me to use at home to release tight muscles and discomfort that get me through until our next meeting. Overall, my injury is 90% better since working with her which has also restored my quality of life.

No matter how minor or sever your problem is, Lara is the one to get you through. And when the situation requires some additional support like chiropractic or physical therapy as a compliment to her work, she will tell you. Her passion is to help people function optimally and feel good in their body and that will come through the minute you meet her.  ~ Kelly B., Pasadena

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I found Lara through Yelp after searching for a solution to a recurring leg injury I had been dealing with. I had no idea what fascia was but I decided to give it a shot after reading good reviews. I am so glad I found Lara. Even after my first session I noticed a tremendous difference in my leg and was even able to start doing barbell squats again pain free. Ever since starting to see Lara the pain in my leg has been nowhere near where it was before. I try to get a session with Lara every few months and we address the issues in my leg as well as other issues I have from every day living, working, etc. She ever gave me tips on how to foam roll and stretch particular parts of my body so that I treat some of my pains and tight muscles on my own. I highly recommend her. If you've have massages, gone to chiropractors, etc., with no luck I suggest trying out MFR. It has really made a difference for me especially as a weight lifter whose muscles get tight frequently.~ Jaclyn G., Studio City

5.0 star rating

I came to Lara's table with severe fasciitis, caused by extreme conditions in a 1995 alpine mountaineering expedition, uncured by years of chiropractic and massage therapy.  I'm three years back from a 16-year hiatus due to the injuries I suffered.  The workouts in my early return were stunted by muscle cramping and severe inflexibility.  I had little strength & flexibility and endurance, and was looking for therapy I didn't think existed.

Then, around Thanksgiving 2012, Lara was recommended by biking (mountain & road) comrades who had similar treatments.  I studied up a bit about MFR before and after beginning my work with her.  I knew early on we'd have to work together to help unlock the pain and stiffness from my body.

After the success of my initial treatment I signed up for a 10-treatment package, then re-booked for another two 10-package deals.  I was fortunate to have the time, willingness and funds to invest.  We worked every part of my body about twice a week for two months.  By the end of 30 treatments I was standing taller, more relaxed, more flexible and stronger than I had been in years.  We finished the treatments in January, 2013.  It's eight months later and I still feel great.

I plan to visit Lara again each year for "annual maintenance", and love the fact she offers the package deal.  She has two locations, which makes things convenient.  My experience tells me even a visit or two is beneficial as long as both the patient and practitioner put forth the effort.

I strongly recommend Lara to anyone seeking alternative treatments to chiropractic & massage, and as an adjunct to yoga.  There a a scant few MFR practitioners in the L.A. area, and fewer still who practice the John F. Barnes method.  I suggest one is in for a wonderful experience once arriving at Lara's table with a willingness to work together with her.

Though she doesn't work directly with insurance companies I was fortunate enough to gain partial reimbursement for my visits, simply by obtaining a diagnosis from my chiropractor, then submitting a claim and receipts.~ Jesse E., Los Angeles

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1/18/2014 Lara is fantastic! I came to her with knee discomfort related to cycling. Prior to visiting her, I had been through several months of PT at the suggestion of an orthopedist, and the results from that were minimal at best. After only a few sessions with Lara I was essentially cured! She thoroughly analyzed what was going on with my whole body--posture, everything, and through the MFR she performed, and the exercises/stretches she sent me home with, I am currently knee pain-free. My posture, walking gate, etc. are also better too. She also improved the comfort of one of my shoulders that I've had an impingement issue with (and that in just one session).

Can't recommend her highly enough---too bad there's only 5 stars available! ~ Buddy D., Glendale

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Lara is fabulous! She worked on my lower back for one time only and I already felt the difference. She also explained what I could be doing wrong with my posture and what type of stretches to do in order to keep it from hurting.  It was hurting for about 6 months and I continue with the stretches to manage it. Before going to her, I would get out of bed in the morning and could not stand straight. It is a lot better now, after I wake up, I do a couple of stretches and it doesn't bother me throughout the day. Thank you LARA! ~ Armine N., Glendale 

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Lara is wonderful!!!  After several years of low back pain with only minimal relief from countless massages, I came crawling to Lara.  This woman, is a magician.  After leaving my appointment with her my back pain was completely gone, and it only took ONE 30 minute session with her.  MFR wasn't like anything I've experienced, which is surely why the results weren't like anything I had ever experienced with "regular" massage.  Lara is so knowledgeable, so intuitive, so worth it.~Libby V., Granada Hills