Fascia is our biological fabric that creates our body's form. Fascia surrounds and connects joints, muscles, and organs. Fascia is what holds our bodies together. These interconnected fibers direct and distribute movement forces throughout the body. Fascia is also a sensory organ. Fascia provides us with the sense of proprioception. This allows us to know where we are in space. In fact, fascia consists of six to ten times more sensory nerve receptors than muscles, and is arguably our richest sensory organ. 

Caring for your fascia is important for conditioning healthy bodies. Unfortunately, poor posture, lack of movement as well as repetitive movement can all damage fascia. Our bodies will feel heavy, aged, achy, and lethargic as a result. In fact, chronic overuse injuries are the effect of overloaded, strained fascia. The good news is that fascia is very malleable and incredibly resilient. Fascia will respond and remodel itself to changes in forces. Along with doing Rolfing® Structural Integration here are some other things that you can do to help keep your fascia and body resilient, youthful and vital.

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